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homework exercises

There are five (5) homework exercises (HE) based on exercises done in-class or taken from the textbook. You will be asked to complete the exercises and submit them to your account on Requirements for each HE are as follows:

  • complete the HE as per the instructions provided in class
  • upload the HE to your directory on
  • notify your instructor that the HE is complete prior to the class in which it is due

Each HE is worth 4 marks. Essentially, if you hand it in, you get the marks, along with some valuable feedback from your instructor if it is warranted.

HE requirements will be included in the lecture notes in the weeks they are assigned (i.e., the instructions for HE1, due in week two, will be found in the lecture notes for week one). Follow along with this handy chart:

Exercise Assigned Due
One Session 1 Session 2
Two Session 2 Session 3
Three Session 4 Session 5
Four Session 9 Session 10
Five Session 10 Session 11

assigned: various
due: various
worth: 20%

project one: build a small website

Create a small website for you account on with at least three (3) linked pages. Suggested structures might be:

Home (About Me)
OR Home (About Me)
Work Experience
OR Home (About Me)
Bad Trips


Your pages should include the following elements:

  1. An example of lists.
  2. A link to your email address.
  3. Coloured backgrounds and/or text.
  4. An image (of you, or your cat, or whatever).
  5. Links to outside resources.

Upload your pages to your account on and send the URL to your instructor.

assigned: session 1
due: session 4
worth: 10%

project two: upgrade your website

Update your first assignment using CSS and add in an additional page containing information about your final project, so, using the examples above, your new structure might look like this:

Home (About Me)
Final Project
OR Home (About Me)
Work Experience
1850 Project
OR Home (About Me)
Bad Trips
Stupid Homework

Your second assignment should include the following elements:

  1. A new page with information about your final project.
  2. A navigation bar on all pages of your site that has links to all your pages.
  3. An external style sheet that has rules for:
    1. background colours/effects
    2. link colours
    3. font faces
  4. An example of tables.
  5. Examples of <div> and <span> elements.

Upload your new pages to your account on and send the URL to your instructor.

assigned: session 1
due: session 7
worth: 10%

final project: build a large website

Students will be asked to create an extensive web site incorporating concepts learned throughout the course. The content of the site should encompass an issue or topic that is relevant to the student, their friends, family or colleagues. If your company needs a web site, then this is a great opportunity!

Note: this web site has absolutely nothing to do with the pages you create for assignments one or two or your homework assignments! This is a standalone website!

The web site must include the following elements:

  1. 15 to 20 pages interlinked
  2. a clear topic that is readily apparent on the home page;
  3. a "clickable" site map or site index (i.e., supplemental navigation); Note: this should be a separate page - it is not your navigation menu;
  4. at least 5 images (text header, buttons, photos, etc.);
  5. an example of tables (but not used for page layout);
  6. text and presentation elements using CSS;
  7. a working web form;
  8. a link to your (valid) email address;
  9. at least one JavaScript element (pop-up windows, image swapping, etc.).
  10. an email notification to your instructor pointing to your completed project including a checklist showing how you've met all the requirements above (more below).

Students may use an HTML editor to complete this assignment, but may not use prefabricated themes to define their site.

Requirement 10: Handing it in:
Students must upload their web site to the account provided to them in class. Once they have tested their site in at least two popular browsers, students must send an email message to their instructor that includes the following information:

  • the URL for the home page
  • a checklist outlining how the above requirements have been met

The instructors will not chase you down to hand in your assignment. If there is no email in our inbox on the specified due date, you will get zero marks for the assignment.

Breakdown of the mark for this assignment is as follows:

required elements (see above) - 10
navigation - 5
coding & markup - 5
content & design - 5
total - 25

assigned: session 1
due: session 12
worth: 25%

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